hether you agree with Kent Hovind’s views or not, if you care about justice, I urge you to look into this case.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Kent Hovind, he is a well-known and controversial speaker on creation, evolution, dinosaurs, as well as so-called “conspiracy theories” like the New World Order.

Nearly 10 years ago, a government SWAT team raided Kent Hovind’s property and he was incarcerated for charges that I believe are false and politically motivated.

Since it has become more clear that he was targeted and railroaded, and because there is so much corruption in this case, they are now trying to silence him for good, by giving him 20-100 years (in addition to the 9 years he has already been in prison) for a new bogus charge.

Please watch this video, then continue reading the latest on this case below. He is going to trial on Monday, and he needs our support and prayers.

From freekenthovind.com:


1 – PROOF: Letters from professionals absolve Kent Hovind from all wrong-doing
2 – PROOF: Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers was caught altering court transcript
3 – PROOF: Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers is anti-christian and bias
4 – PROOF: Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers pre-judged Kent calling him the ‘HEAD OF A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION’.
5 – PROOF: Sexual deviant, immoral and mentally-ill people imprisoned Kent Hovind
6 – IRS arrest and seize over $19k from widowed senior citizen
7 – IRS caught stealing a quarter of a billion from American people
8 – IRS apologizes for abusing their laws
9 – Congress is furious with the IRS for targeting Christian Americans
10 – New AG Loretta Lynch caught protecting drug money launderers and terrorists

New petition: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/freekentandpaulnow#discussion

For information on how you can help, please visit: freekenthovind.com and go to the help free Kent page.

  • Renfrow

    Everyone needs to bring attention to this case of Christian persecution in Florida. Kent Hovind took a vow of poverty having a net worth his entire life below $5,000 dollars, never drank, never smoked, never took a single illegal drug. He doesn’t swear, he was a loving family man, and had a perfect clean record never having even gotten a traffic ticket. Yet he has served longer than the lawyer who helped Blind Sheik plan terrorist attacks from prison. ( Lynne Stewart)


    • Wow… It’s mind blowing what they’re trying to do to him. Especially when you consider all that you said. The whole thing makes me sick, and I just wish more people were aware of it. I have been trying to bring attention to this case on my social media networks, but so far, people aren’t responding. I am praying for his upcoming trial!

      Thanks so much for your comment and those links!!!

    • TONY

      He’s a sovereign citizen that has denounced his country. He lied by calling employees “missionaries”.
      Another theocratic charlatan thief.

  • Bill Ludlow

    I have just one shocking fact on the Hovind case.


    • Incorrect. I heard yesterday that out of the 4 counts, 3 of them were “unable to come to a verdict” and only 1 was guilty, and that was for ‘contempt of court’…. Which is bogus. The whole thing has been corrupt since the beginning, and they charged him with that because he was trying to appeal his case… which he has the right to do!

      Did you even watch the video?

      • Bill Ludlow

        Contempt of Court: Guilty. The video is what is bogus. Anyone following this since the beginning knows this is all Hovind’s own fault. No one is above the law. He would have served little or no time f we would have just cooperated. The cries of persecution are unjust.

        • Ariel de la Torre

          You talk far too much and say far too little. If this video is bogus then prove it. This post has links to evidence against what you just said. Provide your own if you have it.

        • Origanalist

          Are you employed by the IRS?

  • Dawn Paoletta

    I did not know Mr. Hovind was in prison or about this. I attended his lectures at my old church years ago. This is disturbing!

    • Hi Dawn! Yes, it is disturbing to me too…because they seem to be doing anything they can to lock him away and throw away the key. So I believe that it’s a big spiritual battle and they want to discredit and silence him. He used to speak out quite a bit about the New World Order, and he wouldn’t be the first person who is vocal about the NWO to end up as a target.

      Plus, I think because the case was so corrupt, now they are trying to hide their corruption in this case by trying to give him life in prison. It’s crazy!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Doug Zembiec

      did you know the BTK killer was the head of his church as well.
      Hovind didnt pay $800 000 taxes . he tried to cover this all up and ended up going to jail. he is a fraudster , his PhD is non-accredited issued out of what looks like a mobile home settlement ( google it if you dont believe me)

  • Tony Montoya

    Just remember that Manson had rabid supporters as well.

    This twice convicted conman is in good company.

    • Origanalist

      Did Mr. Hovind kill someone too? What a stupid thing to post.

      • TONY

        Not as stupid as defending him.

        • Did you even watch the video? Do you realize the prosecutor was a known pedophile? Are you so blind that you can’t see that the entire case was corrupt from beginning to end? Or do you actually support corrupt governments targeting people for exposing their agenda? If you side with the government on this one, it’s clear who the stupid one here is.

        • TONY

          He was found guilty again by different people. Yes, your stupidity is clear.

        • And an innocent man has NEVER been convicted of a crime in all of history, right? Or a jury has never allowed a guilty man to walk free, like OJ Simpson, right? Get real.

          Also, you might want to check the latest news. They have dropped charges against him, it is clear that they realize they don’t have a leg to stand on, especially now that more and more people are learning about how corrupt the whole thing has been.

          It’s not over yet, but as of this latest news, it looks like he might be going home, as long as they don’t do anything else unfair for the remaining false conviction. I’m sorry that you want to keep a man who is as goody-two shoes as it gets behind bars simply because you seem to hate his ideology… but the truth will win out in the end. It always does.

        • TONY

          Again, he was convicted for a second charge so your hero is back in jail. Sorry.

        • Origanalist

          People like you that advocate prison for people they disagree with are are not only stupid, but dangerous.

        • TONY

          Like the 57% of the GOP that wants to abolish the constitution and replace it with theocracy.

        • TONY

          No reply. Typical.

        • Origanalist

          Sorry Tony, I don’t sit around waiting to see if someone posts on the internet or not.

          But as to your post, now you’re just making things up. I’m not surprised.

        • TONY

          Just check google rather than being. Hovind’s groupie. Your sad pathetic existance was imprisoned before Hovind.He was convicted of 58 charges plus 45 counts of structuring cash transactions and a second time contempt of court conviction. Like everyone else in jail, Hovind is innocent.

        • Origanalist

          WASHINGTON (AP) — Pressured by Congress, the IRS said Wednesday it is changing its policies and apologizing for seizing banks accounts from otherwise law-abiding business owners simply because they structured bank transactions to avoid federal reporting requirements.

          Their alleged crime: routinely making bank deposits of less than $10,000. That allowed the business owners to avoid reporting requirements designed to catch drug dealers and money launderers.

          “To anyone who is not treated fairly under the code, I apologize,” Koskinen told the House Ways and Means oversight subcommittee. “Taxpayers have to be comfortable that they will be treated fairly.”

          By law, bank transactions above $10,000 must be reported to the IRS. It’s a felony, called “structuring,” to manage transactions to avoid the reporting requirement, even if the money is legally earned.

          In some cases, the IRS seized and held bank accounts for years without bringing charges.

          Roskam said the IRS has too much power to seize assets, even if the agency doesn’t have adequate evidence of a crime.

          “The IRS doesn’t have to give notice to the account-holder before seizing the assets. And the IRS doesn’t have to prove that the person is actually guilty of anything – just that the account probably is involved in structuring,” Roskam said.


          He’s being railroaded and you can’t see far enough beyond your hate to comprehend it.

        • TONY

          None of that vindicates Hivind. 58 charges he was convicted of plus 45 for structuring.
          Not one or two charges. He denounced this country but now is dependent on them. That is to those that actually pay taxes. Any more groupie excuses?

        • You are obsessed. You are blinded by hatred. My guess is that you are a hardcore atheist, who hates Hovind because he speaks out against your religion (atheism and evolution.) You would rather side with a demonstrably corrupt government and let an innocent man be put behind bars for life, than put truth and fairness above your ideology.

        • TONY

          You don’t get to pile your BS religious no-evidence crap and then pile me in with you. Sorry. If our govt is corrupt you are welcomed to leave. Stop poisoning the minds of kids. Adults can make the decision to accept malarkey as fact just as you have. I don’t know Hovind so I can not hate him as you need to believe to help you get through the day. My guess is that you are a hard core theocrat hoping geezuz can get rid of those that don’t buy into your cult. I am not afraid of the figments if your imagination. If Hovind was innocent, he would not have been convicted twice. Now get back to your groupie assignmentts.

          Praise the lawd!

        • You are either extremely naive and ignorant, or dishonest… I’m not sure which, but I’m guessing it’s the latter. Everyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knows there is corruption in government, there’s no “if” about it. And if every person who is against corruption in government left the country, the only people still there would amoral or apathetic fools who don’t care about lies and crimes among our leaders. If that’s the kind of country you wish to live in, then that says a lot about you.

          As for the rest of what you said, you are just confirming what I said about putting your ideology above all else. That is really, really sad. I would hope that atheists would be honorable enough to put truth and honesty above their personal contempt for those who hold opposing views. And we already went over the fact that innocent people are put behind bars and guilty people walk free. So you’re not fooling anyone with your silly claims. I find it very sad that when there are so many corrupt, evil and violent people out there, you choose to single out and attack a man so straight-laced that he never drank, never smoked, never did an illegal drug, never even had a traffic ticket and had a perfect clean record. Let’s put him behind bars for life, because we hate what he teaches! Meanwhile, let’s ignore corrupt politicians and all the true criminals out there, because their crimes are not as bad as taking money out of one’s own bank account! (In other words, the true criminals are not worthy of your attention because they don’t speak out against your ideology.)

          Shameful. And pathetic.

        • TONY

          You are still in this corrupt country. Are you paying taxes or breaking the law like your hero?
          I’m an atheist and I don’t drink, smoke or party. Never arrested. But guess what? I pay my taxes. Your hero taught others how not to pay them so contrary to your groupie mantra, he broke the law. You see in the real world, things you don’t like don’t stop them from happening. Save the drama for your momma.

          Praise the laws!!!!

        • So many wrong statements. #1 – I don’t live in the U.S, I live in Mexico. #2 – The charges were bogus, but feel free to side with a pedophile prosecutor, an anti-Christian judge and the corrupt IRS due to your hatred for Hovind’s beliefs. And #3 – He’s not my hero, I just don’t like to see the government try to silence or destroy certain people who expose their agenda.

          I don’t want to waste any more time with this discussion, because it’s obvious that your atheism and hatred for Hovind’s message is what drives you, so nothing at all will make a difference. Even if the government were to come out and say, “The charges were trumped up to begin with” you would STILL choose to believe the worst about Hovind.

          So I hope you don’t keep replying, as I have other things to do and no more time to waste.

        • TONY

          So you live in a more corrupt country but want to dictate to the US. Hypocrisy much? Provide evidence that the over 100 charges Hovind was convicted of were bogus. Provide evidence the charges were trumped up. Blaming Satan, libs or atheists is not evidence. Do you realize that you focus on Hovind’s personality and I focus on the law. Your cult of personality worship is attributed to your need to be subservient. Your need to blame others is common amongst Christians and conservatives despite paying homage to personal responsibility. Willful ignorance is no excuse. Disgusting. Not that this will stop you from running away.

        • Origanalist

          Perhaps you should read this tony…


        • Wow, how does being against government corruption mean “dictating to the US” in your mind? That makes absolutely no sense, unless you support government corruption? And it doesn’t matter where I live, I’m American, so of course I care about my own home country.

          Secondly, if you had bothered to watch the video, you would have a clue as to why there are numerous reasons why the whole thing is bogus. But as I said, it’s clear that NOTHING will matter to you, because you’re an obsessed, irrational Hovind hater because of your atheism.

          Lastly, it’s great to focus on the law, but laws and truth/fairness are two different things. When laws are not attached to truth and fairness, then only a fool or evil person would put laws above what is true. Evidently you don’t care about truth and fairness, you only care about your personal crusade against Hovind, because he teaches things that you hate.

          And it’s becoming more clear in your comments that your anti-Christian mindset is even worse than I thought. Once again, proving my point that you are driven by your hatred and bias, nothing else.

          Again, it’s obvious that nothing will get through to you, so I hope I don’t get any more notifications from you.

        • Origanalist

          Approve my post Lily> I provide a link, but Tony won’t be swayed by facts, only his bigotry.

        • TONY

          My bigotry to regarding lawbreakers is apparent. Stupid me not idolizing convacts. Maybe it’s my atheism that precludes me from worshipĂ ping Christian charlatans. Pious lying. What’s not to like?

          Still no evidence proving the convictions are bogus?

          Liars for Jesus are still geared up.


        • Origanalist

          Come back when you’re sober Tony, you’re just making yourself look bad now.

        • TONY

          Like having my jailhouse calks recorded.

          Just blame others.

        • Origanalist

          None of that vindicates him IN YOUR MIND, because in your mind the government can do no wrong and anybody who thinks otherwise is a crazy person that should be in prison.
          I pity you.

        • Origanalist

          58 or 2, what difference does it make when they are all bogus? None of this matters to your fevered brain.

        • TONY

          Like I asked for previously. Provide evidence. Or STFU.

        • Origanalist

          Typical progressive, no evidence would suffice. And sorry Tony, telling me to STFU isn’t going to cut it junior.

          Now get back to your bottle, I’m tired of your mouth.

        • TONY

          Run away chriatian charlatan. You make Hovind proud.
          Pieces of crap of a feather flock together.

          The Sye Ten Bruggencate of jailhouse convicts. BTW, Hovind is still in jail despite your groupie devotion or laughable prayers. Must be god’s will.

        • TONY

          Owning christians is like making fun of retards. Not nice, but fun and way too easy. Maybe they’re one in the same. No, that’s insulting to retards.

        • I’m sorry to interrupt your hatefest to bring you the latest news, but THEY DROPPED ALL THE CHARGES AGAINST HIM, the contempt case was acquitted and now it’s just a matter of time until he goes home. It’s clear that you were hoping he would be in prison for life because just like the corrupt government that you support, you’re motivated by ideological reasons and hatred. That is obvious by your comments here.

          Lastly, your name-calling and slanderous lies are getting old. So from this point on, if you’re going to continue trolling, I’m going to block you from this site.

          I hope you run along and take your dark black cloud of negativity elsewhere. The rest of us are CELEBRATING!!!

        • TONY

          V 7 years and over 100 convicted charges, Jesus come through!

        • Bogus, trumped up charges and a corrupt case from start to finish.

          But while in prison, Hovind led over 700 prisoners to Christ, wrote over 30 books and read something like 1500 books, so even something bad can be turned into something good.

          And since your posts were getting increasingly trollish and childish, I deleted your last few replies and blocked you. It’s pointless to argue with someone like you. (Proverbs 14:7-9)

        • Origanalist

          The guy really has the progressive disease doesn’t he? It’s amazing how rancid these people get when you question their god government.