Sorry for the tumbleweeds rolling through this blog!

First I want to apologize to anyone who reads this blog, for not updating it in a whole month! AND on top of that, the entire site was down for a few days. I contacted my hosting company yesterday and they said they were having problems with their service, but when my site was still down today, I called again and figured out what the actual problem was. Anyhow, it’s back up now!

Now, to the update…

I don’t know where to begin! A lot of cool stuff has been happening with me. It may not be that interesting to anyone else, but for me it is! I realized something over a month ago, that I should’ve realized YEARS ago. So it’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but maybe it will help others out there, so I’ll write about it. Several weeks ago, after feeling down and frustrated with things in general, I got to a point where I decided I have to do something different, in terms of my life and walk with God. I knew there were areas in my character that really needed to be changed, including my time management, self-discipline, and responsibility in general. But more than that, I knew that for someone who has been a Christian for 13 years, my spiritual growth has been very slow, and I was still struggling with things like self-doubt, sadness, fear of man, etc. I thought about the fact that I almost never exercise, I procrastinate all the time, I get so focused on one thing that I neglect other things, and on and on.

As I contemplated all of that, deep in my heart I made the decision to do whatever it takes to grow and mature spiritually, and to have victory in all the areas that still needed changing. It wasn’t just a casual, “Yeah, I know I have to change.” It was something deeper, it was the realization that the path I had been on was a dead end path, and I was determined to go in a different direction.

I love when God lifts a veil from our eyes!

The amazing part is, right after I made that decision to do whatever it takes, God opened my eyes and gave me revelation on what a big part of the problem was. It was something SO obvious, that I can’t believe it has taken me THIS many years to finally learn this! And it’s something I even blogged about recently, in my last post.

What was it? As long as I’ve been a Christian, I had never really gotten into the habit of having an intentional, serious, DAILY “quiet time” with God and His word.

I had always prayed everyday, and because of my involvement with YWAM, I was getting spiritually fed, because when you’re in YWAM it’s almost like being in church everyday. Still, I had never really developed the habit of having that quality alone time with God on a daily basis. Consistently. And with my whole heart.

That is what God brought to my attention.

But it’s about more than just having a quiet time with God. More than anything, I want to know God more, and have a closer, better relationship with Him and I want to grow, mature and overcome! I feel like I’ve been on a spiritual plateau for a few years, not moving up to a higher level.

All of that has been changing, just in the past 5 or 6 weeks, since I’ve been immersing myself in God’s word and having that quality quiet time with God everyday. In fact, it has been truly amazing and wonderful. And I can already see a difference in myself. Before, I was kind of up and down emotionally, and on the bad days I battled sadness or anxiety. But just in the past month or so, I’ve had joy and peace, and I’ve been excited about all sorts of things coming up in the future. And my favorite time of the day now is that quiet time I spend with God.

A 2nd DTS? Yes. Read on!

Oh, and in addition to that, I made the decision to do my own ‘DTS’ (Discipleship Training School) again, but this time I’m the only student. And there’s just one Teacher. It might sound silly, but I have been going through a similar curriculum to the standard DTS, and getting back to the basics…. But this time around, it’s not just going in my head, but to a deeper place. Which of course is what is needed, for there to be transformation! I’m thankful that I have the time right now to do this, as I’m working as a freelancer and I’m able to make my own schedule. So I’ll be doing this ‘DTS’ until the end of the year. Then who knows, I may even go on an outreach, which is what normally happens after the “lecture phase” of a DTS.

To wrap all this up, here is my advice for anyone out there who might be on a similar path that I was on:

Having that daily, consistent quiet time with God and in His word is not really optional. It’s absolutely essential, if you want to grow spiritually and have victory in your life as a Christian.

Don’t be a “starving” Christian who isn’t growing because you’re not abiding in the true Vine. Or, as Joyce Meyer puts it, “not plugged in to the power source.”

Wow, I wrote so much that I still haven’t even got to some exciting news that I was going to write about! And since this post is so long, I think I will wait and write about that in my next post. So stay tuned for that. 😉

Love & Blessings!

photo credit: Timo Newton-Syms

  • Heather

    Thanks for your thoughtful, honest, encouraging posts.

    Can you share your general methodology for this? Are you using a devotional, or just opening the bible and reading and praying?

    • Thank you Heather, for reading and the kind words! To answer your question, I pray first, and then what I’ve been doing is just going through the whole bible chronologically, reading 1 or 2 chapters a day, sometimes more.

      When I was doing my “second DTS” I was also studying specific topics, and listening to really good teachings on those topics online… and of course asking the Holy Spirit to be my teacher! This past year has been really good for me, in terms of learning and growing and my relationship with God.

      Thanks again for the comment. PS, is this Heather from YWAM Maz? 🙂