Recently I had the pleasure of reading Livy Jarmusch’s first e-book, When Life Feels Like a Taylor Swift Song, A Girls Guide to Boys. When I got to the end, my main thought was, “Wow, I wish I would’ve known all this when I was a teen!”

When Life Feels Like a Taylor Swift Song is about interpersonal relationships with guys, a look at dating vs. waiting, secrets to being adorable, and most importantly, our relationship with God and what He wants for us. He wants the best for us, and as Livy puts it, He is the author of every good and perfect fairytale.

I particularly liked the point about the value of having a whole heart. This book teaches that it’s OK if you’re a young person who hasn’t had a boyfriend yet. It’s far better to do things God’s way instead of the world’s way, which will leave you broken. (Trust me, this is so true, I know this from experience!)

In this world where a very different message is pushed on young people, Livy brings an alternative view – one that is fresh and timeless, because it is God’s view. Not only does she bring the point home, but she does it with true wisdom, common sense, humor and a very down-to-earth, relatable style. Young readers will love the quizzes, lists, like “Reasons why boys make fantastic friends,” personal stories and lots of practical advice too.

This e-book is aimed mainly at pre-teens and teens, but I think women of all ages should read it. Mothers of girls who are approaching that age when boys are on the mind can benefit from the Godly wisdom that this book offers. Even older single girls can learn a lot about guarding one’s heart, self-respect and trusting God during those “waiting” years. We know that most women dream about meeting their “prince” but often end up encountering lots of toads. If that’s you, this little book will encourage and uplift you!

I’m giving this e-book 5 stars. It is free for now, so go download your copy at Lastly, I have to say… Wise, mature young people like Livy Jarmusch give me hope for the future generation. In fact, I am going to be interviewing her soon, here on this blog. So stay tuned for that!