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Changing Seasons (an update and an announcement)

A long overdue update

It has been about 9 months since I last posted! I feel bad that I never officially stated that I was taking a break, so here is my long overdue update post and an announcement.

Where to begin! I moved back to the U.S a few weeks ago, after living in Mexico for several years. That in and of itself was a big change, and I’m happy to be back in California. I definitely feel like this is the beginning of a new season in my life. I would say a new “chapter” – but I think that it’s much more than’s a new “part” (as in Parts in a book.) I’m officially in Part 3 of my life, which I believe is going to be the best part!

Part 1 was my many years as a worldly unbeliever. Part 2 began when I came to Christ (in 2000) and there was a long season of healing, restoration and, as Colossians 2:7 says, being firmly rooted and built up in Him. Picture a plant growing underground, that was Part 2 of my life. And Part 3 is going to be a season of fruit and abundance – the “above the ground” season, so to speak.

That is not to say that everything is wonderful or perfect right now. I have some challenges that I’m going through, but I know that God is faithful and I’m very happy for this new season and all the new things that are going on. I’m super excited about finding a good home church, joining a Christian community and making new friends. : )

I’m also doing more freelance and “personal assistant” work, through my little company, Great and Mighty Things. In addition to that, I’m still trying to finish up a couple creative projects I’ve been working on for a while, including a mini-documentary about the popular music industry, that I’ve mentioned before.

An Announcement

Now for the announcement. Since I have a lot on my plate right now, and my focus has been on other creative projects, I’m going to officially take an indefinite break from Ashes to Beauty.

Better to try to do a couple things well, than a number of things not so well.

However, I AM definitely continuing on with my other site, Faith + Testimony, and if you liked this site, I invite you to join me over there!

For the first year or so, Faith + Testimony was only for personal testimonies. However, I recently decided to expand it to include other encouraging, inspiring posts that are not testimonies, so now it’s not as limited. (Plus, now it fits more with the site name, since it’s Faith AND Testimony.)

If you are a blogger or a writer and you would like to contribute a post, please either register and submit it on the site, or you can your story.

So I’m not quitting blogging. Basically, the posts about faith that I would’ve posted here are going to be posted there, now. And as I said, it’s a place for others to contribute their testimonies, stories or encouraging and edifying posts.

Faith + Testimony

This break from Ashes to Beauty may not be permanent….as I said, it’s an indefinite break. But for now, thank you to all who read this blog, and I truly hope to see you over at Faith + Testimony!

Much love and blessings,