I love the internet. Maybe I’m a nerd, but I could spend hours just visiting different personal websites and blogs. I’ve been looking at a ton of sites recently, some well thought out and beautifully designed, and others? Not so much. I kept running into a few of the same design mistakes, so I decided to put together a “What to avoid” list. This is certainly not a complete list, there are lots more, but these are my pet peeves, and most of them are generally agreed upon to be design mistakes.

  1. Annoying Pop-ups the second you click on the page. I just got to the site. Please. Can I have at least 2 seconds before you ask me to do something? I forgive you, but re-think the pop-ups, alright?
  2. Too much scrolling. Blogs with what seems like 2000 posts per page, that require you to scroll for days. I have 3 posts on each page of my blog… maybe that’s not enough, but I think depending on the length of the posts, around 5 per page is a good amount. If they’re short posts, you can get away with a lot more.
  3. Way too much text and long paragraphs. Break it up to make it easier to read and more inviting. Add photos, headings, bold text, bulleted lists. If you don’t, I think lots of people will take one look at all that text and decide to click the back button. Make the text scannable and easy to read.
  4. No search box. This one annoys me! How am I supposed to find what I’m looking for? Please, don’t forget the search box!
  5. Hard to find contact info. Or none at all. I don’t like having to search for how to contact someone, especially if it’s a business. Make the contact info clear to your visitor.
  6. Poor legibility, especially text that’s too small. I’ve always had very good vision, so maybe I’m starting to get old, but if I go to a blog and the font size is tiny, I’m much more likely to say, “forget it.” and move on to the next one. Keep that in mind when designing your site.
  7. Clutter. It’s great that you have a lot of content, but you don’t have to pack it all into one page. Sites that are too cluttered just look bad. Use more whitespace, keep things clean and simple. Simplicity is elegant and easier on the eyes.

If you disagree, or have your own pet peeves you want to add, feel free to add to the list.