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A Look At The Scripted Mainstream Media (video)

You might’ve seen Conan O’Brian’s comedy segment on the very scripted mainstream media.

I’ve brought up the topic of the media a number of times. However, there are many people who still get all their news from the major networks, and don’t take the time to research things on their own. So I think that more people need to realize that the mainstream media is very controlled, and not to be trusted.

As I’ve said before, we’re living in a time of great deception. So, we have to remember to:

…be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

Matthew 10:16

(On a side note, I love the song ‘Bald Eagle to a Pig’ used in this video. Who knew that Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons is a liberty-minded person and a Ron Paul supporter?)

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20 shocking facts about the Kent Hovind case

hether you agree with Kent Hovind’s views or not, if you care about justice, I urge you to look into this case.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Kent Hovind, he is a well-known and controversial speaker on creation, evolution, dinosaurs, as well as so-called “conspiracy theories” like the New World Order.

Nearly 10 years ago, a government SWAT team raided Kent Hovind’s property and he was incarcerated for charges that I believe are false and politically motivated.

Since it has become more clear that he was targeted and railroaded, and because there is so much corruption in this case, they are now trying to silence him for good, by giving him 20-100 years (in addition to the 9 years he has already been in prison) for a new bogus charge.

Please watch this video, then continue reading the latest on this case below. He is going to trial on Monday, and he needs our support and prayers.



1 – PROOF: Letters from professionals absolve Kent Hovind from all wrong-doing
2 – PROOF: Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers was caught altering court transcript
3 – PROOF: Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers is anti-christian and bias
4 – PROOF: Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers pre-judged Kent calling him the ‘HEAD OF A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION’.
5 – PROOF: Sexual deviant, immoral and mentally-ill people imprisoned Kent Hovind
6 – IRS arrest and seize over $19k from widowed senior citizen
7 – IRS caught stealing a quarter of a billion from American people
8 – IRS apologizes for abusing their laws
9 – Congress is furious with the IRS for targeting Christian Americans
10 – New AG Loretta Lynch caught protecting drug money launderers and terrorists

New petition:

For information on how you can help, please visit: and go to the help free Kent page.

Deception Abounds. Be Wise! (Video)

Happy Friday, everyone! Today’s blog post comes in video form. Please take five minutes to watch it. There is so much propaganda out there, that I think many people might not be aware of. So this is a reminder to be aware of deception and to remember Jesus’ words:

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Matthew 10:16

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Redefining Religious Freedom (guest post)

I’m so blessed and thankful to have Yelena Bosovik here today on Ashes to Beauty. She is a young woman with a lot of wisdom and a heart for God. Yelena brings us this guest post, Redefining Religious Freedom. Enjoy!

“Believe what you will, but don’t force your religion/beliefs/opinions on anyone else” seems to have become the modern definition for religious freedom. You can do whatever you want in the privacy of your home and church, but if your beliefs seep into other aspects of your life, things get complicated.

A teacher can dress up as a witch on Halloween at school, but she can’t sing Christmas carols. She can assign an R-rated novel, but not pray in the classroom.
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7 Reasons Why Moral Relativism Is A False and Absurd Belief

Without Googling it, please read the following statement and tell me if you agree with it or not.

“Then I learned that all moral judgments are value judgments, that all value judgments are subjective…”

Most Americans would probably agree with the above quote. Why? Because according to a poll by the Barna Group (and other polls) the majority of Americans believe in moral relativism. Continue Reading…