n the scriptures we are told to be wise and discerning, and this is a topic I have talked about before. We are living in an age of deception, so it’s important to be awake and to not automatically believe everything you hear from the mainstream media, especially when it comes to dramatic news stories.

Sadly, I can see that so many people out there still quickly trust whatever they’re told, and don’t have much interest in digging deeper for the truth.

So I want to share this video. This is Naomi Wolf, former Clinton/Gore political consultant, journalist and author. She has some very interesting things to say about propaganda and how we should approach new stories, in this day and age.

Please watch the whole thing, and share your thoughts below! Also, if you agree that people need to be more aware of this issue, please share this video far and wide. Thanks and blessings!

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  1. Claireworx

    Wow this is very powerful. Don’t just believe everything reported in the news or on the internet for that matter. Take everything to the Lord in prayer.

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